Habits of top developers

In this book, I’ve tried to distill the habits, routines, tools, mindsets, and best practices of top developers. I’ve gathered together years’ worth of experience and writing about coding into this definitive guide to your success.

This is my best content for how to become more productive as a software engineer.

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Why this book?

Our career involves juggling many competing demands. Making hard tradeoffs. It can be difficult to feel like you’re making progress and choosing the right priorities. You’ll also learn to develop an intuition for important, value-producing tasks that help your team and grow your career.

What’s on the other side? When you start to practice these habits, the obvious answer is you’re likely to see promotions & leadership opportunities. 

But more importantly, you’ll find more fulfillment in your work. Each day, you’ll have a greater impact on your team, and that’s empowering.


Here's what's in this book...