Developer Purpose

Developers Finding Purpose

I help software developers build meaningful careers with purpose. 

Unlike others - who recommend chasing big salaries, jobs at elite companies (FAANG), or grinding interview prep - I mentor developers toward fulfilling, balanced software careers. 

My goal is to help you get a job working on software that makes the world a better place.

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The best way to get started is to join my Developer Purpose Crash Course. It's a free 7-day email bootcamp designed to teach you the essentials of building a meaningful developer career.

People I've helped

"Thank you for being a great mentor along the way ... just to have someone there to confirm that I was doing things the right way and was on the right path was a massive help in and of itself."

"Thanks for the swift reply and all the advice, Bennett! Everything you shared is abundantly helpful. ... I'm applying to that internal Application Engineer position I mentioned (fingers crossed!)"

"This is so timely, Bennett! I'm actually preparing for an interview with one of the tech giants, and this resource will prove very handy! Many thanks!"

About Bennett

I've had periods where I felt really passionate about the problems I was solving with software - as tech lead at a high-growth startup or an independent consultant. I've also experienced boredom and burnout.

Along the way, I've found helpful strategies and mentored junior developers to build careers that are interesting, meaningful, and help the world. 

Want to join me on my mission to make software development a meaningful, ethical career that's a force for good?